All The Stories Are True
CoHF, Clockwork Princess, and City of Glass <3

Oh my goldfish these are literally my favorites :O, but One does not simply burn one of Cassie’s books ;)
Read: CoHF + CP2 
Rewrite: CoG
Burn: ‘And’ that meanie stole my napkin >:(

Magnus Bane, Helen Blackthorn, and Grabiel Lightwood?

Ooh, nice choices :)
Fuck: Magnus Bane (of course)
Marry: Helen Blackthorn
Kill: Gabriel Lightwood


Let’s play Burn Read Rewrite. 
It’s like Kill Fuck Marry, but with  books. 
Put three books in my ask. 

Climon is the best friendship in TMI

Climon is the best friendship in TMI

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Three Things That Cannot Be Hidden

Three Things That Cannot Be Hidden



If you are triggered by suicide and suicide mentions do NOT watch the final 5 minutes of tonights episodes.

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Green, and the background to your blog is wonderful <3

Aw, thank you so much :-D!


Shadowhunter tarot, art by Cassandra Jean.